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The My Lai Memorial Exhibit

The Pentagon is spending $63 million dollars to glorify our unnecessary, unjust and immoral military actions in Vietnam and in our continuing wars today. Our Memorial Exhibit honoring the Vietnamese who died in their American War is a strong, anti-war response to the Pentagon’s campaign. Our goal is to travel the country with the My Lai Memorial Exhibit to fulfill the Veterans for Peace mission — to seek justice for veterans and the victims of war, expose the true costs of war and to work for peace.


… the tragic impact of our political and military actions on the people of Vietnam though our panels on the My Lai Massacre and the Vietnam War. Experience the Vietnamese as a proud and cultured people with long history of resisting foreign domination. A people who in the midst of the American War were wounded, killed and had their villages, their homes, their livelihood and their social fabric torn apart. LEARN how how our governmental and military policies and practices developed, nurtured, implemented and then covered-up a campaign that led to the killing of 2 million Vietnamese civilians during the course of this war; a military campaign that allowed and encouraged the atrocity at My Lai, and other mass killings on the ground and from the air with bombs and artillery shells.


Engage in a unique and powerful artistic process developed by VFP member/ artist Mac MacDevitt. Give voice to your thoughts and feelings by building a sculptural collage, engage in dialogue, and share your artwork and comments with other participants and on social media.



Ask if the Vietnam war was necessary, just and moral. Ask if we continue to make the same mistakes in our wars today? Wars that cause death, destruction, and floods of refugees, just like in Vietnam. Make amends for the damage Americans caused the Vietnamese people. Renew your commitment to work for peace and social justice in the world today. Explore organizations that are doing remediation work in Vietnam and local initiatives working for social justice.


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My Lai Memorial Exhibit launched on Our Southwest and West Coast Tour

For details on all events check out host organizations. March 2-4: Santa Fe, Santa Fe Veterans for Peace March 14-17: San Diego, San Diego Veterans for Peace March 24: Fresno, Fresno Veterans for Peace (, Peace Fresno ( April 4 – 11: San Francisco, San Francisco Veterans for Peace ( April 21-22: Portland, Oregon, Portland Veterans […]

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Funding Support for the Memorial Project Continues to Grow

Our Indiegogo campaign ended on November 5. More than 127 backers now have raised 72% of our $27,000 campaign goal – enough to ensure that the exhibit will be begin touring in March 2017. The breakdown: 59% directly through Indiegogo contributions and 13% through our matching donor, our website and direct donations. We are confident […]

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Memorial Exhibit Display Presented at South Siders for Peace Event

On a hot Sunday afternoon in late September, South Siders for Peace gathered for a picnic in Blue Island, Illinois and in small groups spent some quiet time  to experience some of the My Lai Memorial Exhibit panels. A number of members built sculptural collages and engaged in dialogue with each other and with the […]

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Memorial Project Interactive Art Process – “This is social justice work”

At the First Unitarian Church of Chicago Rev. David Schwartz highlighted the interactive art process at the heart of the My Lai Memorial Exhibit in his sermon on The Varieties of Social Justice Experience “The wooden blocks are 4 inches long, 2 inches square, some thinner: 1 by 2. There are about two dozen of them, one […]

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