“As infamous and terrible as the My Lai massacre was, what is worse is that it was not unique. Certainly there were other massacres of Vietnamese civilians by American and South Korean troops, and the Vietnamese of both sides also committed atrocities against each other. The tragedy at My Lai symbolizes what happens when war is unleashed by governments, parties, and revolutions. War cannot be contained by ideals and laws. There is no such thing as collateral damage. The death of civilians and innocents—and the death of innocence itself—is not accidental but built into war. Memorialization is therefore not only about commemorating the dead, but also reminding us that the forces that killed them remain with us and within us.”

-Pulitzer Prize winner Viet Thanh Nguyen read at the opening of the My Lai Memorial Exhibit at Arizona State University in October

Where we’ve been

In 2018-2019 the My Lai Memorial Exhibit was hosted by Veterans for Peace chapters in 16 cities:

Santa Fe
San Diego
San Francisco

Iowa City
Essex, NY
Portland, ME

Ann Arbor
Chapel Hill

New York City
Binghamton, NY

From the exhibit journal


“I walked into the exhibit steeling myself — already in tears. I thought I knew about My Lai; I had read everything I could about it when Seymour Hersh’s articles came out. However, as it turned out, I knew very little — or perhaps the passage of time or the simple shock of the horror had made me block out what I had learned. I wasn’t in any way prepared for the emotional impact of what I saw yesterday. How do we, as a nation, ever atone for this?”


“The exhibit, it words and images together, scorch my consciousness. The men and women of Veterans for Peace have created a powerful, truth-filled homage to the men, women and children, who suffered at American hands. Thanks to all men and women who resisted and continue to resist. I promise to be more militant for peace.”


“An amazing documentation of some of the most horrendous crimes committed on the people of Vietnam… so important for Americans to know this truth so that we can have a foundation to know better how to think, feel and hopefully act in regard to today’s policies of war by the U.S. government. A very important and concise and thoroughly-covered resource for us all. Thank you… may it be seen by many.”

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