Memorial Exhibit comes to Essex, NY

In September my wife Darla and I with help from the Vermont VFP chapter, friends and neighbors, who contributed most of the initial funding for the exhibit, hosted the Memorial Exhibit in our hometown of Essex, NY at the Grange Hall, a hotbed of renewed community activity. We were able to take the first ever aerial shot of the exhibit panels from the balcony.

One highlight was an informal presentation with Q&A by the Conroy brothers from West Chazy “Healing the Wounds of War in Vietnam”. All three brothers lives were impacted by the Vietnam War. Ralph “Pete” was in infantryman during the war, while Mark was the Vietnam Director for the East Meets West Foundation for more than 20 years after the war. John W. is a Vietnam vet and a journalist. All the brothers have traveled extensively in Vietnam, witnessing the damage caused by the war, and the remediation projects implemented by the foundation.

It was wonderful to share my “work of heart” with so many close friends and neighbors and read the comments they left in the Journal:

“What a beautifully thoughtful and heartbreaking but timely exhibit. It’s so filled with passion, love, and social justice. Thank you!”

“The exhibition was entrancing, moving, and educational. I am amazed at the level of sweat and tears which must have gone into its creation. I found its immersive effect to be overwhelming; I can’t imagine anyone not being touched by it. You have created an amazing interactive installation with an extraordinary level of professionalism.”