From the Exhibit Journal

One of the real joys as I travel with the Memorial Exhibit is reading what participants have left behind in the Exhibit Journals. As people come and go during the day, I notice participants engaged in reading and writing in the journals. When I get a break I sit down and read. Each entry written in longhand is a treasure. Almost all are sincere and heartfelt.


“Tears for things horrible, unspeakable atrocities, many of which happened when I was just a child. How has such horror continued through my young adulthood, through my childbearing years, and now into my grandmothering years. My Lai after My Lai after My Lai. God help us all. Give us the wisdom and courage to put WAR in his eternal grave.” 

My Lai Memorial Exhibit in the news

My Lai exhibit puts us on the other side of our guns

Bill Nemitz, a well-respected commentator at the Portland Press Herald wrote this article in the Sunday  morning edition. I think he captured the intention and the spirit of the Memorial Exhibit.

Mountain Lake PBS covers the My Lai Memorial Exhibit
Mountain Lake PBS in Plattsburgh, NY produced a short six-minute video of the My Lai Memorial Exhibit in September as part of their Veterans Coming Home series. In the video Veterans for Peace member Pete Conroy speaks about his experience as a G.I. in Vietnam and the strong impact the Memorial Exhibit had on him personally.
San Diego Veterans for Peace TV and Radio Coverage

TV coverage by Steve Wash on Fox affiliate KPBS:  

Radio coverage on by John Soderman KUSI .

My Lai Memorial Exhibit, a Video Diary, with Mac MacDevitt
Portland was the 8th stop for the My Lai Memorial exhibit, sponsored by Maine Veterans for Peace at the Portland Media Center.