The My Lai Memorial Exhibit is dedicated to the
MILLIONS OF VIETNAMESE who were killed, terrorized,
and displaced in our American War in their country.
This is their story.

And to the courageous and persistent journalists
who exposed the actions of the U.S. military in
the Vietnam War, most especially:
Seymour Hersh, Jonathan Schell & Nick Turse

Their voices help tell this story.

And to those Americans who acted on their
conscience and chose to do community service
in Vietnam, living in the midst of war with the
people, and bringing them some comfort and
hope in their suffering, represented by:
Douglas Hostetter, Dorothy Weller & Lady Borton

May they continue to inspire us to seek peace,
even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Exhibit developer: Mac MacDevitt
Exhibit designer: Ashley Borg

HONOR the Vietnamese as a proud and cultured people who suffered grievously in the midst of our American War.
LEARN how our military policies supported the atrocity at My Lai and led to the killing of two million Vietnamese civilians during the course of the war.
SHARE your art by building a sculptural collage, engaging in dialogue, and sharing your artwork with other participants.
ACT for justice and peace by choosing to make amends for the damage our war caused to the Vietnamese people. And renewing your commitment to work for peace and social justice in the world today.